Common Drywall Problems

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One common material that builders utilized to form arches, eaves, ceilings, and walls is drywall. Of course, there’s a reason why many contractors prefer to use drywall. It requires less labor and is more affordable compared to other materials.  

Unfortunately, it isn’t perfect. Drywall doesn’t come without issues. Just like any material, it can experience damage due to various reasons. This includes natural deterioration or improper installation.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some of the most common issues with drywall. If you think you’re experiencing these problems, don’t hesitate to hire a drywall repair Pleasanton CA company. 

Water Damage 

One of the primary drawbacks of drywall is that it’s prone to water damage. If you don’t quickly tackle water damage, it can result in the growth of mildew and mold. Exposure to these things can result in severe health problems. The ideal way to deal with this problem is to get rid of the affected areas and install new drywall. 

Cracks in Corner Bead 

Over time, steel corner beads can pop out. If you want to address this problem, you have to scrape the drywall that covers the corner bead. Flatten the corner bead using a hammer once you expose the area after scraping it. On several occasions, you may have to re-screw the corner bead. You can refinish the surface using drywall tape and joint compound if you have fixed the problem. 

Drywall Cracks 

Typically, you can see drywall cracks on areas where two panels meet. You can also see them on the joints. There are several reasons why they occur, such as temperature changes. It’s not enough to just cover the crack using a joint compound. To stop the crack from getting worse, you have to install fiberglass mesh tape on top of it. Next, refinish the surface using joint compound and tape.  

Remember that cracks are also a sign of a bigger issue. For instance, your home’s structural integrity might be deteriorating. Because of this, it is a lot better to hire a professional drywall contractor to check the problem. 

Lifted or Split Drywall Tape 

Over time, drywall tape might lift, loosen, or split. Improper installation can also cause this problem. To fix it, you need to cut off the damaged part of the tape using a knife. Then, smoothen out the surface using a joint compound. Once you’re done, you can apply a new tape. Lastly, prime the area for repainting.  

Screw or Nail Pops 

Another popular reason for drywall repair is screw or nail pops. Typically, this occurs if the screws weren’t secured in the stud’s center part or if the screws are driven too far. However, there are also natural causes for this problem, such as temperature changes.  

To fix it, you have to get rid of the screws first. You shouldn’t hammer or screw it in. You will have to install a new screw in a new area. You’ve got to ensure it is countersunk. Next, refinish the surface using drywall tape and joint compound.  

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